Marine Surveyors

Surveys for Insurance and Pre Purchase 

At Francis Marine Services our Insurance Surveys and Pre Purchase inspections are carried out by Bradley and Allan Francis both of whom are qualified marine engineers and have had extensive experience in the marine industry. Before making your purchase we highly recommend investing in a detailed Pre Purchase Inspection.

This will give you a qualified idea of the condition and value of vessel you are proposing to purchase.

  • The Engine and drives, including compression test
  • The Genset if there is one
  • The internal condition of the vessel/ and fittings
  • The hull and superstructure

If the unfortunate happens and you need to make a claim we can assist you by inspecting the damage or problem and supplying a detailed quote for your Insurance Company to enable you to claim.

Insurance Evaluation Report

Pre Purchase Engineers Report

Pre Purchase Genset Report

Pre-purchase Inspection Report (incl Hull, Superstructure & Accessories)

Pre Purchase Hull Structure Report

Compression Test

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